BBC Countryfile on 10th January 2021

Cormonachan Community Woodlands native tree planting volunteers were on TV, BBC Countryfile on 10th January 2021.
This programme is on BBC iPlayer and you will find this photograph early on just after the first woodland feature and right after the ‘Plant Britain’ logo. Viewers are encouraged to volunteer…
This group of local member volunteers and two Argyll area National Park volunteers planted 105 native trees within the boundaries of the Squirrel Trail.
At the time of the planting 270 trees had been planted and to date 375 native trees have now been planted funded by donations specifically for trees and by Woodland Trust funding.
We plan to plant another 105 native trees in November 2021 bringing up the total to 480. These trees are replacing the non-native Sitka spruce that have been felled over the last decade.