A very extensive habitat survey and management plan has been developed which can be viewed at this link.

Essentially it requires progressive thinning of the non native species in the woodland, particularly the Sitka Spruce and Rhododendron, neither of which are helpful for the biodiversity of the woods.

This work is carried out by a variety of groups. This includes school groups from Fife, volunteer groups with the help of Fife Countryside Ranger Service and Ardroy Outdoor Education Centre. We hope to expand this work, to further improve the Cormonachan Woodlands.

Some hazel has been coppiced as a demonstration site and hazel hurdles constructed to maintain path edges, although again, there is always more to be done!! Get in touch if you want to help -








Some of the skills learned in the woods have been taken by staff from Ardroy to other locations, working in conjunction with the Woodland Trust and the Scout Organisation, on tree planting events throughout Scotland. Green Woodwork and basic Bushcraft workshops took place in Perth, Dollar, Glendevon, Paisley and  Eilan Shona, and plenty trees were planted.