Cormonachan Project

This joint woodland project started in 1997, with co-operation between Lochgoil Community Trust, Ardroy Outdoor Education Centre, Lochgoil Primary School and Forest Enterprise who own the 20.3-hectare (50.2 acres) section of Atlantic Oak Woodlands. Formal agreement was reached with Forest Enterprise for the partnership to be responsible for managing the woods to improve their bio-diversity and also to develop them as an education resource.

The Broad Aims of the Project are to: -

  • Manage the Atlantic Oak Woodland in a way that enhances the variety of habitats.
  • Develop the area as an education resource for teaching environmental concepts, introducing people to traditional woodland crafts.
  • Help people appreciate the ‘magic’ of woodlands.


The woods are accessed from G.R. 196 975.

Argyll & Islands Enterprise (A.I.E.) provided funding for stages 1, 2 and 3 of the project.