About Cormonachan Woodlands Trust

The Cormonachan Woodlands are 58.9 ha of ancient Atlantic oak & hazel woodlands and have the status of being 'Ancient Semi Natural Woodlands' (ASNW) being preserved for Education, Conservation and Recreation.

The community woodlands area on the west shore of Loch Goil, between Lochgoilhead and Carrick Castle, Argyll is a joint woodlands project that was started in 1997, with co-operation between Ardroy Outdoor Education Centre, Lochgoil Community Trust, Lochgoil Primary School and Forest Enterprise Scotland and is now under a new not-for-profit organisation, Cormonachan Woodlands Association, founded in 2015.

The woodlands are currently used for educational purposes by Ardroy Outdoor Education Centre, (AOEC Trust Ltd.) school and youth groups and by Lochgoil Primary School for projects and for recreational walks by local residents of Carrick Castle, Lochgoilhead and visitors to the area.

Conservation of the 50-hectares plus a 8.9 ha PAWS area in the woodlands is ongoing year by year with adult volunteers and school groups undertaking the majority of the work required to reclaim, preserve and maintain the ecology of the woodlands for future generations. Currently in July 2017, the Association has 60 members (3 Life Members, 42 Full Members, 11 Associate Members, 2 Child Members (free) and 2 Corporate Members).

The woodlands paths that have been made are now ideal for recreation. Walking along the paths can now be a year-round activity to help local people and visitors to the area keep fit. ‘Green Gym’ is the current word for exercising outside that can be done in tranquil and beautiful surroundings and dogs are welcome.

Cormonachan Woodlands Association based in Loch Goil manages the Cormonachan Woodlands for the project members from 2015 with a Memorandum of Understanding from the Forestry Enterprise Scotland currently until 31st November 2026. Anyone interested in volunteering to help with conservation should contact the association, as help is always needed… If you are interested in supporting the Association by joining us, would you please complete the Membership Application Form - membership runs from 1st April to 31st March annually or if renewing your membership please complete the Membership Renewal Form and return it to The Secretary, Cormonachan Woodlands Association, Cruach House, Carrick Castle, Argyll, PA24 8AF - Thank you.

The Cormonachan Woodlands Association is very grateful to the following - The Scottish Landfill Communities Fund (LandTrust for North Ayrshire Council & EB Scotland for Argyll & Bute Council & Shanks, Argyll & Bute), The Wee Goil, Scotsts Ltd.Carrick Castle Boat Club, Forestry Commission Scotland, Friends of Loch Lomond & Trossachs, Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park, AOEC Trust Ltd., Carrick Farm & many others for their donations to help with the funding of the association, members training, its tools, equipment, signs and the new car park.

Cormonachan Woodlands Association, a not-for-profit organisation, has raised all the funding for a new car park that is now open - Now we are seeking funding for a new path to the old village at Upper Cormonachan and the waterfalls so if you can help us with a donation, we would be very grateful. 

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Contact: secretary@cormonachan-woodlands.co.uk  or call the Secretary, Douglas Locke on 01301 703098.

Committee Members:

Liz Evans (Chair); Douglas Locke (Secretary); Jimmy Sim (Treasurer); Donald Kamsley, David Thorpe (Ardroy's Representative) & Frances Walker.