Cormonachan Woodlands Association – Risk Assessments

(Original signed copies are held on file)

CWA RA 001 Art Installations

CWA RA 002 Generic Planned Events

CWA RA 003 Chainsaw Operations

CWA RA 004 Environmental Hazards & Open Fires

CWA RA 005 Scything Operations

CWA RA 006 Hand Tools

CWA RA 007 Tree Felling & Woodland Management

CWA RA 008 Motorised Transportation

CWA RA 009 Woodland Studies

CWA RA 010 Manual Handling

CWA RA 011 Quad Bike & Trailer Operations

CWA RA 012 Rhododendron Eradication – Use of chemicals

Updated to 19th November 2019