Education @ Cormonachan

Formal Education - Outdoor instructor led courses

Ardroy Outdoor Education Centre (AOEC Trust Ltd.) uses Cormonachan Woodlands as an outdoor classroom for their primary school groups. The activities, which take place in the woodlands, are designed to support classroom teachers in their delivery of educational objectives, inherent in the “Curriculum for Excellence.”

Most groups visit the woodlands as part of a “John Muir Award” course - 

Last year (2016), 658 John Muir Awards were obtained by school pupils who undertook conservation tasks in Cormonachan Woodlands, that's over a third of all John Muir Awards delivered in the National Park. 

To achieve their "Discovery Level Award" each pupil participates in a range of activities that encompass four challenges: -

1) Discover - a wild place 

This map was produced by Lochgoilhead Primary School after they visited Cormonachan Woodlands.







2) Explore an area including using your senses to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the place.  The children are given the opportunity to see, feel, touch and smell the woodlands through a “sensory walk.”







3) Conservation and taking care of the wild place is an important part of the award. The pupils learn about the woodlands habitat, the traditional ways woodlands were used and are sustainably managed. They assist with implementing the woodlands management plan, which has been designed to enhance the biodiversity of the woodlands.







4) Sharing of the pupils experience with others is the final challenge of the John Muir Award.








Informal Education - Unaccompanied

A Red Squirrel interpretation trail has been designed for primary school aged pupils and of course their parents. It gives an over view of the life and loves of the endangered Red Squirrel and if you are really quiet you may be lucky enough to see one.