Liz Evans

Liz Evans 17th May 1952 – 31st December 2017
Chair of the Cormonachan Woodlands Association

I am so sad to advise you that my wife, Liz died on New Year’s Eve 2017. She died peacefully in the end after having been diagnosed with terminal Pancreatic and Metastatic Liver Cancer on 6th October 2017.

Liz’s funeral will take place at Cardross Crematorium, Cardross, Dumbarton G82 5HD. Bob Scott, Funeral Celebrant for the Humanist Society of Scotland will be the Master of Ceremonies at her funeral.

The funeral will start at 10 am on Saturday 20th January 2018. We have exclusive use of the venue that morning from 9.30 am so there will be plenty of parking spaces available. There will be four speakers and some of Liz’s favourite music to listen to.

This will be a ‘Humanist Celebration’ of the ‘Life of Liz Evans’. No black, but colourful dress please.

There will be a buffet from 11.30 am at the ‘Wake’ after the funeral at Fruin Farm Restaurant Loch Lomond, Glen Fruin, by Helensburgh, G84 9EE (a 20 minute drive via Helensburgh). We have exclusive use of the venue so there will be plenty of parking.

As so many family and friends have been asking to be kept in touch by e-mail and wishing to go to the funeral of Liz, it would be incredibly helpful to know if you would wish to go to the Wake afterwards so we provide enough refreshments at the buffet for everyone. So please let us know if you can come? There will be an opportunity at the Wake to give short talks on how Liz affected your lives, if you so wish. Already some friends have asked if they may speak and we are delighted they wish to.

Liz was 65 when she died on New Year’s Eve 2017. She had a very full life, achieved a lot and did a lot. She touched the hearts of many people and was an inspiration to many in the outdoor world. Her passion over the last 20 years until her end was Cormonachan Woodlands by Carrick Castle and as Chair of the Cormonachan Woodlands Association she provided the drive to maintain these lovely ancient Atlantic oak and hazel woodlands for education, community recreation and conservation.

Liz’s final request was that there would be just one bouquet of flowers from her close family and that instead of flowers from others, she would like donations to be made towards a ‘Contemplation Shelter’ in the woodlands to the Cormonachan Woodlands Association that would be created in her memory.

When the Association has raised enough money to build the shelter, an oak tree will be planted by it and her ashes will be scattered there by her son Calum and myself.

The photo of Liz was by the Loving Trees alongside the Squirrel Trail in Cormonachan Woodlands. This was her last visit to the woodlands on 12th November 2017.

Rest in Peace Liz, you were so loved by us all…

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