Local funding target reached!

Great News, the “Upper Cormonachan Paths Project Fund” has now reached £12,646.30 from members donations and GoRaise donations following two very large donations by the Lochgoil Community Trust of £4,000 and another of a similar amount from one of our members. So with the target reached for the 5% (£12,500) of the grant application of £250,000, we can now apply to the Lottery Heritage Fund for this funding thanks to all the residents and others who have so generously contributed to this fund. Thank you again to everyone especially to our biggest donors who have made our applications for funding that much easier.

We will have a further three funding applications in for amounts of around £25,000 each to make up the difference to the full funding required.


”Upper Cormonachan Paths Project Fund”

For the Conservation of Upper Cormonachan, the old village and access to view the beautiful Cormonachan Waterfalls with 2 km of new access paths with four viewpoints from the Contemplation Shelter by the existing 2.5 km of paths and joining up with the forest road to the west of the woodlands and a new car park by Cormonachan Burn road bridge to commence from 2019 onwards.

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