Upper Cormonachan Waterfalls on 13th September 2020

Upper Cormonachan Waterfalls on 13th September 2020

(Photo and video courtesy of Tuk)

Cormonachan Woodlands Art Trail – 3rd to 31st October 2020

Upper Cormonachan Paths Project Fund

We are pleased to inform you that the fund has now reached £15,004.48 as at 31st July 2020.

The target is £16,175 that is 5% of the construction costs, the minimum amount the funders require the Cormonachan Community Woodlands to raise to be able to apply for the major funding of £323,484 (total cost) from October 2020.

This now leaves us £1,170.52 still to find. If you can help us with a donation, it would be much appreciated. Donations can be made by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button on the bottom of our website pages.

For full details of the project,  visit our Future & Past Projects – http://www.cormonachan-woodlands.co.uk/cormonachan-history/future-projects/.

Thank you to all who have supported the project fund so far and to those who may do so in the future.

Co-op Local Community Fund Update

Cormonachan Community Woodlands, Loch Goil

Through the Coop Local Community Fund we have provided 15 more information signs at a cost of £256.60 soon to be erected around our 2.5 km circular paths to explain what visitors are able to see when walking there and since this funding target was reached in June 2020 further funding will go towards the Upper Cormonachan Paths Project Fund.

Visit our Coop cause page at https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/36994

This fund has so far reached £951.13 as at 9th September 2020 and remains open until October 2020.

About this cause
Cormonachan Community Woodlands Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation that maintains the 63.9 ha Cormonachan Community Woodlands for conservation, education and recreation. Over 1,000 primary school children visit the woodlands annually for outdoor education visiting from the Ardroy Outdoor Education Centre and the Lochgoilhead Primary School. Currently there are 2.5 km of paths in the woodlands and we are now trying to expand the paths by a further 2 km to include the Upper Cormonachan old township (medieval settlement) and the beautiful waterfalls. We have so far raised over £15,082.73 locally for the ‘Upper Cormonachan Paths Project Fund’ as at 9th September 2020.

How this cause brings people in the community together
The Cormonachan Community Woodlands have many members supporting the running of the organisation. Local volunteers help maintain these 63.9 ha of ‘Ancient Semi-Natural Woodlands’ which are mainly native Atlantic oaks and hazel trees. The woodland paths are open 24/7 and are free, to encourage more and more visitors and locals to use the paths where red squirrels can be seen from the hide.

This fund at the Coop will remain open until 24th October 2020. Please support this cause – become a Coop Member if you are not already one – https://membership.coop.co.uk/new-registration.
1% of what you spend on most Co‑op products and services will automatically go to this cause when you choose our cause.

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Cormonachan Community Woodlands New Bank Account

To: Our Members

Please note our new banking details.

New Bank Account:

Bank:  Cooperative Bank

Account Name:  Cormonachan Community Woodlands Ltd.

Sort code:-  08-92-50

Account No:-   68771902

Also, if you pay your membership subscriptions by Standing Order, please amend these bank details now.

Thank you.

James Sim, Treasurer, Cormonachan Community Woodlands Ltd.,


Future Volunteers Dates in 2020

Future Volunteers Dates for your 2020 diaries & calendars at Cormonachan Community Woodlands

Friday 28th August 10 am to 4 pm
Saturday 29th August 10 am to 4 pm

Friday 25th September 10 am to 4 pm
Saturday 26th September 10 am to 4 pm

Friday 30th October 10 am to 4 pm
Saturday 31st October 10 am to 4 pm

Friday 27th November 10 am to 4 pm
Saturday 28th November 10 am to 4 pm

Please book the days you can volunteer, by e-mail to

Thank you!

Sculptures in Cormonachan Community Woodlands

21st July 2020 – Update

Today, on visiting the Wee People Sculptures created a year ago by the Lochgoilhead Primary School, we noticed that some of them had been interfered with so had to be sorted out and this was done. A visit will be required to make a few adjustments in the near future.

Unfortunately some people don’t respect the sculptures and it was found that the ‘Have-a-Go!’ flat stones interactive sculptures in the same area as the Wee People has had the vast majority of the stones removed from the four boxes and have either been thrown away or stolen?

Similarly, the ‘Naughts & Crosses’ by the Red Squirrel Hide have lost the majority of the naughts from the board. It is sad that ‘people’ cannot respect these games provided for visitors entertainment.

Secretary, Cormonachan Community Woodlands
A Not-for-Profit Organisation

Thank you to the volunteers who strimmed the Squirrel Trail today

Saturday 11th July 2020

Thank you to the five volunteer members of the Cormonachan Community Woodlands who strimmed the car park and Squirrel Trail paths today.

The volunteers team of strimmers was led by Don Kamsley, Chair, with Dennis Bolt, Membership Secretary, Gary Broadbent, Leonard Gow and Tom Ducat.


Douglas Locke, Secretary cleaned up the Red Squirrel Hide opening it up again since it was closed down in March. If visiting the hide be sure to observe the social distancing regulations in operation at the time of your visit.