Volunteer Days

Sunday 21st May 2017 Volunteers Day Report

Eight Cormonachan Woodlands Association Volunteer Members worked for three hours on Sunday afternoon at the Volunteers Day. All the brash and old felled trees were cut up, cleared and burnt ready for the new sculpture to be erected on this totem pole (see photo below). The paths were strimmed from the car park to the third Squirrel Trail’s sign (clockwise direction) and the ditch at the south west corner of the Squirrel Trail was completely cleaned out (this is the point where the next project will start of a path to Upper Cormonachan & the waterfalls). The branches and logs were chainsaw-ed, clearing and tidying up the same area. A very big thank you to our volunteers for the hard work in achieving so much in just a short time. Despite the forecast for rain, there was none, it was dry and no midges!

Saturday 22nd April 2017 Volunteers Day Report

Another sunny and dry day for our Cormonachan Woodlands Volunteers Day on Saturday 22nd April 2017 from 10.00 to 16.00 hrs. We had four volunteers in the morning removing a tree that had fallen on the top path, strimming some path areas and erecting a new oak bench at the north west corner of the top path. This will be a welcome resting place with a lovely view. Two volunteers left at lunchtime and two others arrived in the afternoon to make four again. They erected another oak bench in the car park and the low path was strimmed between Jan’s Hideaway and the car park. A big thank you to our volunteers – your help was amazing in achieving so much in such a short time.

Sunday 26th March 2017 Volunteers Day Report

What a fantastic Volunteers Day! We had 16 volunteers working in four groups and achieved an enormous amount of work in Cormonachan Woodlands between 13.00 & 16.00 hrs. A huge THANK YOU to everyone.

Team 1: 3 volunteers cleared and burned all the brash in the car park extension area so that work can soon commence there.
Team 2: 6 volunteers cleared all the overhanging branches and all the tree seedlings and bigger shrubs off all the paths.
Team 3: 3 chainsaw volunteers tidied up the felled trees from the chainsaw training days.
Team 4: 4 volunteers repaired a big culvert, levelled up a picnic table and carried two new benches to a) the far north west corner of the woodlands and b) to the car park area ready to be erected in the near future.

Perfect weather, warm and sunny and hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves as well as really improving the woodlands.

Thirteen of the sixteen Cormonachan Woodlands Association’s Volunteers