Our recommended way to see the sculptures and artworks in Cormonachan Community Woodlands

‘The Woodlands Art Trail – 2021’
in association with
Argyll Arts Collective

2nd to 30th October 2021

Our recommended way to see the sculptures and artworks in Cormonachan Community Woodlands

From the car park, turn right at the gate and proceed along the ‘Squirrel Trail’ and the blue route and you will see the first sculpture about 100 metres on the right:-

1) ‘Shrine to the Lost Souls’ by Guy Elder

2) ‘Bird in the Sky’ by Liz Evans
(best seen from in front of the Red Squirrel Hide)

Temporarily turn left at the junction and after visiting the Red Squirrel Hide walk up to the fire pit area to see 3) and 4) before returning to the bottom path again.

3) Hanging Logs by Lewis McKay

4) 10 x Copper hanging Artworks in the trees by Derek Prescott

If you do not wish to take the full circular 2.5 km walk that takes about one hour you will miss out nine sculptures and artworks by taking the path up the hill at this point on the half hour walk just around the Squirrel Trail.

Proceeding along the lower path you turn left at the next junction up the hill, however look out on the left side about 100 metres back from the junction for a giant ancient pollarded oak tree set back from the path that is 5.4 metres in circumference, the oldest oak in the woodlands probably around 400 years old (position NS19715 BNG 98300). Now walk up the hill to the top way marker post where you turn right to see a big sculpture next to a Rowan Tree and bench.

5) Multi-Pole Sculpture with Red Squirrels created by Team Vicente in 24 hours from cutting down the timber to creating the 3.5 m high sculpture.

Return to the path and head south up the hill on the blue route. 100 metres along it you will have reached the highest point on the path. You now walk through a Sitka spruce and Larch forest area until you come to the six ‘Little People’ sculptures resting against the trees.

6) 6 x ‘Little People’ Sculptures painted by Lochgoilhead Primary School Children

7) Have-A-Go Flat Stones – Build your own stone towers
(Note: these stones get moved around a lot and may well have been moved into the Labyrinth – you can move them back…!)

8) The Labyrinth by Margaret Ker – walk around it and notice the bat in the tree…

Continue straight ahead at the next junction where you will see the next sculptures.

9) Ceramic Sculpture on tree by Moira Ferguson (on left)

10) Interactive Sculpture by Liz Evans

11) Glass Sculptures by Elaine Broadbent (on right of path under a tree)

12) Ceramic Sculpture on tree by Moira Ferguson (on left)

13) Ceramic Sculpture on tree by Moira Ferguson (on left)

At the Totem Pole with bunting look out for:-

14) Zilaphone by Team Linzi

Due to recent weather conditions, we may not have been able to erect two musical art works, ‘Drum Kit’ and ‘Plinky Plonk’ by Team Linzi, but will do when conditions permit on the opposite right side of the path by the totem pole.

15) Cormonachan Woodlands Photograph Frame by Team Linzi
Have your photos taken with the wonderful view of Loch Goil behind you…

16) Visit the Contemplation Shelter and read the biographies of the artists exhibiting their sculptures and artworks.
(Some of the art will be for sale after the event. Do leave your comments in the book.)

17) Ceramic Plant Holder and Pedestal by Moira Ferguson
This is half way down the path on the way back to the car park and is the last artwork exhibited on the circular route.

Please park prettily up to the logs on the ground allowing for others to park as well; the paths may well be slippery due the rain, so take care particularly when walking up and down the hilly areas, this is a Scottish Rain Forest and ‘Leave No Trace’ of your visit, except comments! We hope you enjoy your visit.
For more information on the paths visit http://www.cormonachan-woodlands.co.uk/woodlands-paths/