Recreation @ Cormonachan


Cormonachan Woodlands has an interpretive nature trail, which was made with the help of Lochgoilhead Primary school. The Squirrel Trail has a wealth of information about the rare and endangered Red Squirrels that live here. If you’re quiet enough, you may even see the real thing!

Cormonachan Woodlands are Community Woodlands and we encourage Open Access for both local people and visitors to the area. Whether you are walking the dog or out for a stroll with the family, you’ll find a beautiful wild space to be appreciated in any season of the year. We hope you will “leave only footprints and take only photos” keeping the woodlands a pleasure for all.

The short walk of 1 km is the green Squirrel Trail to the south of the area and the long blue circular walk around the whole area is approximately 2 ½ km.  Please note these two paths have several steep inclines on them but benches have been positioned in various places around the walks for you to rest and admire the views.

The red walk is an alternative route off the road between Lochgoilhead and Carrick Castle and vice versa through Cormonachan Woodlands. The yellow route is another alternative if walking to or from Lochgoilhead. See the walking paths below.

There are now some interactive sculptures in Cormonachan Woodlands - see if you can find them...

Photograph of Liz Evans (Committee Member & Chair of the Cormonachan Woodlands Association and a Director of AOEC Trust Ltd)