1) If you are not already of member of Cormonachan Community Woodlands Ltd, please support your Loch Goil Community Woodlands in 2022.


2) Please try and volunteer to help maintain our woodlands in 2022 – with 63.9 ha (158 acres) of ancient woodlands to maintain, we need your help.


3) You can also help support the woodlands when you buy on the Internet – go to
They have 4700+ retailers to choose from and so far they’ve’ raised over £35 million for thousands of community groups, schools, sports clubs and charities across the UK.


4) Your can also support the woodlands through
These lottery tickets are only £1 each and 50 pence goes straight to our charity and you can win up to £25,000.


5) If walking around Cormonachan Woodlands and you feel like giving us a donation anonymously, please use the Donations Post by the Contemplation Shelter…


6) And finally, a few coins in the Collection Box in the Red Squirrel Hide helps us pay to feed them – they eat £155 of nuts annually!


To learn more about Cormonachan Community Woodlands, visit our website –


We are also on Facebook – – To contact the Secretary, call 01301 703098.