Sculptures in Cormonachan Community Woodlands

21st July 2020 – Update

Today, on visiting the Wee People Sculptures created a year ago by the Lochgoilhead Primary School, we noticed that some of them had been interfered with so had to be sorted out and this was done. A visit will be required to make a few adjustments in the near future.

Unfortunately some people don’t respect the sculptures and it was found that the ‘Have-a-Go!’ flat stones interactive sculptures in the same area as the Wee People has had the vast majority of the stones removed from the four boxes and have either been thrown away or stolen?

Similarly, the ‘Naughts & Crosses’ by the Red Squirrel Hide have lost the majority of the naughts from the board. It is sad that ‘people’ cannot respect these games provided for visitors entertainment.

Secretary, Cormonachan Community Woodlands
A Not-for-Profit Organisation