Strimming Cormonachan Woodlands Paths

An appeal for path strimming was sent out to the 10 Association trained trimmer operators at the beginning of June 2018 and 4 answered the call for help over the period from 5th June to 10th July 2018.

A big thank you goes to Don Kamsley who strimmed the whole of the circular Squirrel Trail, the car park, Red Squirrel Hide area and Contemplation Shelter area in 5 hours on 5th June; to Anna Wynne who strimmed the lower path from Jan’s Hideaway to the junction at Clach Bhadach in 1.5 hrs on 6th June; to Leonard Gow who strimmed from the top junction above Jan’s Hideaway to the north west corner of the 2.5 km circular path in 3 hrs on 26th June; to Frances Walker who strimmed the path from the top north west corner of the 2.5 km circular path, including the top bench area down to almost the bottom of the path towards Clach Bhadach in 4.5 hrs on 26th June; to Leonard Gow again for finishing the path where Frances finished to the Clach Bhadach junction and north to the Rhododendron tunnel in 1.5 hrs on 10th July and to Douglas Locke who pruned all the trees around all the paths and the Rhododendron tunnel in 11 hrs on 5th & 26th June and 10th July, also supporting the strimmer volunteers as their First Aider.

Over this last month the paths have grown again and will need re-strimming by the end of July so we hope that the other trained trimmer operators will volunteer their services as the above ones have done over the last few weeks. The Cormonachan Community Woodlands rely on the trained members to do this strimming to keep the paths in good order. If the paths are strimmed before they get overgrown, it takes less time to do them. Frances Walker’s section above was well overgrown and it probably took her twice the time to do than it would have done if done regularly. The average time to complete the strimming of all the paths is about 12 hours and they need to be done a minimum of 3 times annually that comes to 36 hours each year. If each of the 10 trained volunteers contributed to the strimming, each would need to offer only 3.6 hours of strimming volunteering per annum.

Other members can help by scything as you don’t have to have a certificate to scythe as you do for using a trimmer. Training for use of a scythe can be offer by the Association if anyone is interested in helping out.

The Cormonachan Woodlands Association are extremely gratefully to the volunteers who have so far been keeping the paths strimmed and in good order for walking on.

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