Upper Cormonachan Paths Project Fund

We are pleased to inform you that the fund has now reached £15,004.48 as at 31st July 2020.

The target is £16,175 that is 5% of the construction costs, the minimum amount the funders require the Cormonachan Community Woodlands to raise to be able to apply for the major funding of £323,484 (total cost) from October 2020.

This now leaves us £1,170.52 still to find. If you can help us with a donation, it would be much appreciated. Donations can be made by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button on the bottom of our website pages.

For full details of the project,  visit our Future & Past Projects – http://www.cormonachan-woodlands.co.uk/cormonachan-history/future-projects/.

Thank you to all who have supported the project fund so far and to those who may do so in the future.