2015 Onwards

The Cormanachan Woodlands Association was initially conceived on 18th August 2014 to take over the management of Cormonachan Woodlands and update the website.

AOEC Trust Ltd. agreed to pass the management of the Cormanachan Woodlands to the Cormonachan Woodlands Association in October 2014.

AOEC Trust Ltd. paid for the renewal of the domain names and hosting of the website for the first year and The Wee Goil gave the association a grant of £175.00 for the content management system (CMS) of the website to be renewed and upgraded that had been lost when the website was not being managed by the Ardroy Outdoor Education Centre that previously set up the original website in 2008.

The first aims of the association’s committee were to adopt a Constitution that was formalised on 4th February 2015 and arrange with the Forestry and Land Scotland an agreement for the association to manage the Cormonachan Community Woodlands.

The committee had to find funds and volunteers to help with the project.

Members paid an annual subscription to run the Cormonachan Woodlands Association and the committee had to find funding for its projects. The first year’s project was to establish a firm base and obtained grants for volunteers tools and equipment and this was achieved. The second year’s project was to expand the car park and after raising the funds (£6,328.12) by grants and donations the new car park was opened officially on 14th September 2017 (see Latest News page).

The agreed Memorandum of Understanding with Forestry and Land Scotland and AOEC Trust Ltd. was finalised on 1st December 2016 for an initial 10 year period of management to 30th November 2026.

In 2018, two new structures were funded by grants and donations, completed and opened on 6th June; the Red Squirrel Hide and the Contemplation Shelter that are open all year round 24/7 just off the Squirrel Trail.

On 1st April 2020, Cormonachan Community Woodlands Ltd took over the management of the woodlands incorporating Cormonachan Woodlands Association into the limited company by guarantee.

Link to the Cormonachan Community Woodlands’s Minutes of Meetings.