Indigenous people from the Amazon Rainforest perform a sacred blessing ritual to a Scottish rainforest, Cormonachan Community Woodlands in Argyll, Scotland. The group from Association Jiboiana are in Scotland to attend COP26 in Glasgow but made the special visit to the woodlands.

07/11/2021 Picture Duncan McGlynn +447771370263. ©Duncan McGlynn 

Stunning photo of Association Jiboiana, the indigenous delegates from the Amazon Rainforest attending COP26 in Glasgow during the blessing and planting of an oak tree in Cormonachan Community Woodlands Scottish Rainforest on Sunday 7th November 2021, with photo taken by Duncan McGlynn for the Alliance of Scottish Rainforests.

Other photos of Association Jiboiana have appeared on the front pages of the Herald, the Guardian, the Independent & the Scotsman on Monday 8th November 2021 and online in the Brisbane Times (Australia) and Dunoon Observer with an article on Friday 12th November 2021.

Thank you to Raleigh International who have passed on this information and for the work of their 14 volunteers who volunteered in Cormonachan Woodlands for a whole week maintaining the woodlands and planting trees.

The next volunteers days for locals in Loch Goil planting 200 native trees will be on 26th & 27th November from 10 am each day. If you can help please e-mail to register before the events days please – Thank you!