Reports & Plans inc. Articles of Association

Company & Charity Certificates

Private Limited Company, limited by guarantee without shares SC657915 dated 19th March 2020
Certificate Of Incorporation

Scottish Charity SC050840 dated 16th March 2021
Charitable Status Award

Financial Year

1st April to 31st March annually.

Volunteer Officers Job Descriptions

Chair’s Job Description

Secretary’s Job Description

Treasurer’s Job Description

Woodlands Manager’s Job Description

Volunteers Leader’s Job Description

Webmaster’s Job Description


Lease for Cormonachan Woodlands from Forestry and Land Scotland dated 1st April 2021 for 20 years

Registers of Scotland Lease Extract Registered 22nd April 2021

Lease for Cormonachan Woodlands Car Park from K A & R Campbell from 1st June 2017 for 20 years

Memorandum of Understanding with Forest Enterprise Scotland 1st December 2016 for 10 years replaced by Lease 1st April 2021

Memorandum of Understanding with AOEC Trust Ltd dated 4th February 2015 to 31st March 2027

Articles of Association (CCW Ltd)

Articles of Association  June 2021 approved by Members & OSCR

Constitution (CWA)

Constitution of the Association 2019

Constitution of the Association 2018

Constitution of the Association 2015

Management Plans (Annual)

Annual Work Programme 2021 to 2022

Annual Work Programme 2020 to 2021

Annual Work Programme 2019 to 2020

Annual Work Programme 2018 to 2019

Annual Work Programme 2017 to 2018

Annual Work Programme 2016 to 2017

Management Plans (Long Term)

Scottish Forestry Approved Revised Management Plan for Cormonachan Woodlands 2017 to 2027 

10 Year Annual Work Plan 2017

Business Plan September 2021

Planning Permissions

2019 0001 DET Decision Notice Final 100336697 2 km Paths & UC Car Park

Contemplation Shelter Planning Permission 0036DEC 21032018

2017 0337 DET Decision Red Squirrel Hide & Shed

CWA Car Park Planning Permission Revised

2016 0164 DET Decision LL&TNP CWA Car Park

Reports & Surveys

Protected Species Survey Report – 20/05/2022

Woodlands Trust Survey Cormonachan Woodlands March 2019 – 08/03/2019

Protected Species Survey Report  – 08/05/2019

Water Extraction Points Survey – 08/10/2019

Upper Cormonachan Settlement Interim Archaeological Report – 26/10/2019

Upper Cormonachan Settlement Final Archaeology Report – 23/07/2020

Upper Cormonachan Medieval Settlement Notes On Occupation – 23/09/2020

Carbon Rewild Report for Cormonachan Woodlands – December 2022


The Board of Cormonachan Community Woodlands Ltd. encourages and permits special events in the woodlands:-

  1. Artwork & Sculpture events
    Previous one – Argyll Arts Collective – 3rd to 31st October 2020 – ‘Cormonachan Woodlands Art Trail’ – 1,125 people attended.
    Last one – Argyll Arts Collective – 2nd October to 7th November 2021 – ‘The Woodlands Art Trail – 2021’ – 1,415 people attended
    See The Woodlands Art Trail 2021 Recommended Route
  2. Live theatrical events
    Last one – Walking Theatre Group – Sunday 15th April 2018, one for children at 2 pm ‘The Celtic Tree Walk’ and another at 6.30 pm for adults – William Shakespeare production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.
    Next one – Walking Theatre Group – a date to be set between 2nd & 5th June 2022 for Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum 
    Jubilee with another William Shakespeare production and another special performance for the children, both subject to obtaining funding for the community.
  3. Marriages In Contemplation Shelter
    Last ones – 20th October 2020 & 13th April 2021              
  4. Memorial events in the Contemplation Shelter
    Last one – 6th June 2018
  5. Special events, such as Guided walks, Bat walks, Easter Egg walks & Halloween walks. Apply to the Secretary for further details –

Other Local Plans

CCW/Ardroy OEC Forward Plan 2021 to 2023

Lochgoil Community Action Plan 2018 – 2023

Upper Cormonachan Medieval Settlement Site Plan

Notes on this document that have been reported to the National Park as being incorrect:-

  1. Cormonachan Community Woodlands are not in an SSSI area.
  2. Cormonachan Community Woodlands are termed ‘Ancient Semi Natural Woodlands’.
  3. The map of Cormonachan Community Woodlands on page 10 shows three extra areas of woodlands that are not managed by the Cormonachan Community Woodlands Ltd but are owned and managed by Forestry and Land Scotland. See our Location page for map of Cormonachan Community Woodlands.
  4. There are other errors, mainly regarding spellings and other points that have been pointed out to the National Park Authority.