The Upper Cormonachan Heritage Paths and South Car Park are now open to the public from 1st July 2023.

There is now a range of opportunities for walking to and in Cormonachan Community Woodlands!

  1. The original 2.5 km of circular paths in the north end of the woodlands that can be accessed a) off the road in the north end near Lochwood Guest House at the Clach Bhadach entrance (No car park) or b) from the North Car Park in the middle of the woodlands. There you have a few options to walk the Squirrel Trail (1 km – 30 minutes), the full circular walk (2.5 km – 1 hour) or c) walking from Lochgoilhead on the Forest Road, walk down the rough path to the north west corner of the woodlands joining the circular paths by the “Loggerheads” Squirrel Pole Sculpture (10 on the map below).
  2. From the North Car Park, walk up to the Contemplation Shelter (4 on the map) and take the new path towards the Medieval Settlement (1) and Cormonachan Falls (2 & 3) (2 km – 1 hour or if returning to the same car park 4 km – 2 hours).
  3.  From the South Car Park, walk up to the Cormonachan Falls (steep path) (2 & 3) and onwards to the Medieval Settlement (1) and the new link to the Forest Road. Alternatively, you can walk to the north end of the woodlands via the Contemplation Shelter (4). The full walk there and back to the south car park would be 6.5 km…
  4. It is now possible to walk on paths from Carrick Castle via the Carrick Castle Estate paths that now join up via a gate to the Forest Road above Cormonachan Community Woodlands.
  5. You could also now walk, off road, from Carrick Castle to Lochgoilhead (8 km) (joining the road at Lettermay junction) with a detour from the Forest Road around Cormonachan Community Woodlands using both entrances/exits…
  6.  Enjoy these lovely walks and do leave a donation for the maintenance of the paths in one of the Donation Posts (by South car park and by the Contemplation Shelter) or by using the “Donate Button” at the bottom of the website